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Fisher-Price Dance & Groove Rockit

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Rockit and Glow interact with each other (and your kiddo) at every activation, encouraging your baby to play along! Fun rocking motion encourages baby to move and groove along to the music! Learning content changes as your baby grows with Smart Stages technology! 100+ songs, sounds, and phrases teach the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, Spanish, and more. A belly-full of hands-on fun: 1-2-3 bat-at roller, slide the shapes door, or flip the ABC toggle switch Give a high-five then say something to hear Rockit repeat it with one of three silly voices! Push down on Glow for fun lights and songs about colors, friendship, and movement Rockit has a light-up face and textured hair and feet for baby to explore.

Customers Reviews

Excellent Quality...A Variety Things For Toddlers To Enjoy..

5.0 out of 5.0 by John Thomas on July 27, 2018
I've had this for a while now...And taking my time with a review has been well worth it since it is coming off as a real winner. I have 4 grand kids all together...Ranging in age from 9 months to 5 years...This admittedly is not doing so well with the older one. But the youngin's love it. This is one of those toys that really tried to do it all. It has many features, with none of them being one that can be discounted as not much fun or worthless. It really does stimulate a number of senses and most of all to me, it appears to be built very well. Already it has taken a number of knocks and tumbles and it didn't miss a beat...The built in music is very good without being aggravating or silly like so much kids music is. It also has a very reasonable volume control that will not be seeing you having to get up and turn it down all the time when a child is left with it alone. All the opportunities for movement, lights, action as it plays really does help keep a kids interest better than just sitting and listening to something play. This is designed for a kid to experience a little old time disco with the lights and movements...I also very much like the steadiness of it. When I first got it I was a little concerned with it possibly falling over a lot. But that has not proven to be any problem at all. In addition to music it also plays sounds, talks, and repeats phrases that can be educational. Finally, the capacity of this is excellent with over 100 songs and sounds. You won't be hearing the same things over and over. As to the price on this, it may seem a little steep at first. But having it here over a week now I have not seen the toddlers that enjoyed it from the beginning getting at all sick of it. They very much enjoy using it in a dark room where it really can be appreciated. I really do think it will last and become a generational toy for many families. I like it...Quality built and excellently thought out. Highly recommended...
Since when is 3 songs equal to 100

2.0 out of 5.0 by Am Fam on November 8, 2018
The motor that makes it dance is a little loud to me and there aren’t very many things to do (4 total, a ball that spins, a flip switch, a lever to push down and high five to make it record) I feel like there are better options out there for the 30$ price tag but we will see on Christmas if it’s a hit for our one year old or not.
There are hardly any songs.

3.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on October 9, 2018
The advertisement says there are 100+ songs, but I've only heard about two (I've tried it on all of the levels). Also, the only colors it teaches them is red, blue and yellow. This toy is only worth about $20, not what they're selling it for.
Dance and Groove a hit

5.0 out of 5.0 by roanstephen on September 21, 2018
My six month old Grandson loves rocking to it.
Adorable and just the right size for Grandson

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on October 12, 2018
Bought for my grandson for Christmas. It is adorable. A little low on the volume but is easy to operate. I know he w8ill love it.
I did not expect him to like it...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Ariss McKalynn on February 15, 2019
I bought this hideous beast for my 1 year old nephew, but I was extremely skeptical of him enjoying it.It’s ugly, at least to my adult eyes, but he loves it! He drags it around and dances with it and loves to press on its ear/antennae things.It counts a couple numbers, says a couple colors, and will sing and sort of wiggle/move its ear/antennae things in a “dance”. He loves itI bought it for Christmas and it is now February and he doesn’t drag it around, but does still like it. Don’t buy the “educational” aspect of it, but he likes that it moves and “talks” to him. Freaky alien for the win.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Donna Perri on November 1, 2018
I purchased 2 of them for my grandchildren & they love them.
Fun learning

5.0 out of 5.0 by MyPenName on August 7, 2018
Omg this toy is so nice. First off, it looks a lot more cute in person, so that was a plus. They colors of it are not bright, they're more muted/softer colors and to me it just looks nicer that way. As far as everything it does... you get A LOT of options and use out of it since it changes stages to grow with the baby. It moves side to side like it is dancing while it talks/sings/etc. Certain areas light up in a soft glow. It is easy for younger babies to activate and get started playing with it. The soon to be 7 month old and the 13 month old have both been playing with it with equal ease and entertainment. It is just really cute how it interacts and says back and forth. The really nice thing is that it isn't a baby toy that you're going to get rid of in a few months due to them outgrowing it. You will get a couple years use out of it since it has different stages, so it really makes it a great value. Another nice thing is that the sounds and voice are not annoying. I dont mind hearing them play with for long time periods or hitting the same button over and over again etc. Some toys you just want to toss out the window or "accidentally" throw in the trash because they're so annoying with the sounds/voices etc. Not this one. Very well thought out and a great way to learn and play at the same time.

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