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Casil Genuine CA1240 12V 4Ah SLA Alarm Battery

by Casil

Out of Stock

Estimate to be delivered 29 Sep - 2 Oct


Casil CA-1240 12 Volt 4 Amp Sealed Lead Acid Hi-Capacity Rechargeable Battery Length: 3.54" (90 mm) Width: 2.76" (70 mm) Height: 4.02" (102 mm) - F1 Terminal Compatible with Honeywell, DSC, GE, ADT, Monitronics, Brinks, First Alert Perfect replacement for ExpertPower EXP1240, UPG UB1240, MightyMax ML4-12, Power-Sonic PS-1240, Power King PK1240 and many more! 2 Year Warranty From AAA Security Depot Since 1991, Brand New Fresh Batteries Manufactured After March 2019, Beware Of Old Inventory From 2018

Customers Reviews

Buy from AAA Security Depot

5.0 out of 5.0 by Eric L on May 5, 2019
I rarely leave feedback but felt I needed to after the assistance I got from this seller. The item I bought (backup battery for alarm system) had many reviews of old, faulty batteries or items that did not match the description. While it has only been a week, the battery I received had a manufacture date of this year and matched the product description.I replaced my old battery hoping to be done with the beeping errors, but unfortunately after a few hours, the alarm system chirped again with the low battery error. I then read online that it can take up to 48 hours to charge the new battery. After 3 days I was still getting the low battery error. Time to call Amazon and complain.Amazon tells me because the item was shipped directly, they could not refund or replace the item, but then connected me with AAA Security Depot. That customer service rep told me they would replace the item it needed, but first wanted me to try resetting the alarm system by unplugging it for an hour putting it into test mode. I thought they were trying to string me along, but low and behold after doing as I was told, the error went away and the battery seems to be working fine.While the longevity of the battery is yet to be seen, I want to appreciate the seller for their friendly and helpful customer service, and hopefully I can update this review in a year or so with a positive battery status.
Battery failed, terrible warranty process

2.0 out of 5.0 by M. Lin on March 28, 2018
Updated review in December, 2018:Only after placing another new order that I realized my failed battery is within the 1 year warranty so I contacted the seller to inquire about the process. Their response is that you have to mail the battery to them at your cost, they perform a test to battery to see if the battery really failed, and if they determine the battery is good, you need to pay for them to ship the battery back to you. I understand that warranty required verification, but this process is more costly than purchasing a new battery on my own. I am just hoping my new battery lasts longer this time.Review in March, 2018:Excellent shipping. Shipped on the same day of purchase and arrived via USPS Priority mail a few days later. Genuine Casil battery as advertised.The only downfall is that the LED flashlight did not work, but I don't care about that.
Easy DIY but make sure you get the exact same rated battery (V and Ah)

5.0 out of 5.0 by Taylor Arcadian on May 12, 2019
Very easy to replace this battery in the home alarm system. Unplugged the old one and plugged in the new one. Watched a few youtube videos first to see what the recs were about needing to turn off the power or reset the panel. I did not need to turn off the power at the breaker. When choosing a battery, the key thing is to match the correct Voltage and Ampere of the original battery. I went to several stores that only sold 5Ah or higher that look the same. My system needed 4Ah and I bought it here online. It took a few hours to a day for the “Batt” indicator on the alarm panel to go out. No codes needed to ‘reset’ it.
Does not measure 12-volts. Don’t buy it cause it is faulty

1.0 out of 5.0 by IT Secure Force on November 4, 2018
This should measure close to 12-volts. When I removed it from the box, it measured 5.5-volts. I connected it to the ADT box and swapped out the old which measures at 9-volts because that battery is over 10 years old. This battery seemed to charge but only charged to 8-volts. I noticed a drastic loss of power when we shut the main power off in the house to test it. The voltage dropped very quickly. So I installed the old battery. It was too late to return this and so i lost money on this purchase. It was a faulty battery and I do not recommend purchasing.
I would buy from them again.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Van the Solar Man on May 28, 2018
I needed to replace my ADT Alarm Systems battery. This was the identical one that I needed. They were fast with delivery, which really helped!!! I would buy from them again.
It is an Alarm Battery -

4.0 out of 5.0 by Max E. Scott on September 4, 2019
The item arrived in a timely manner though I was a bit concerned when the item sat in a postal pedestal box during 100 degree temperatures. It is well known that extreme temperatures damage batteries, either hot or cold! I view this problem as a delivery issue Amazon may want to review with time or weather sensitive products. The battery was a replacement for my ten year old alarm battery, it appears to be functioning as advertised. The installation required a bit more attention then anticipated, the terminal safety covers were difficult to remove. However, the installation was completed with little other effort needed. I will present a review this coming year as to utility quality of the battery. All of my initial reviews are 4 star with time being the over riding decision maker!
I had some concerns about a battery such as this being delivered without a good deal of protection (a box and packing foam)

4.0 out of 5.0 by Daniel J. Schwartz on May 6, 2018
Delivery timeframe was as promised. The battery was placed in my mail box and was packaged only in a thin plastic priority mail bag. I had some concerns about a battery such as this being delivered without a good deal of protection (a box and packing foam). The battery was fine, however, and it works as it should. The free mini flashlight on a carabiner has many rough edges on it (the flashlight and the carabiner) and I don't think I'd ever put it in my pants pocket for fear of snagging the heck out of the material. It is a free item with the company logo on it, so I'm not lowering my rating because of the flashlight.
The Battery Works for My Alarm System

5.0 out of 5.0 by T. McVeigh on May 31, 2019
Before ordering the battery, I made sure it was the correct battery by referring to the alarm system documentation. I downloaded the installation instructions from the alarm system website and followed the instructions. Everything worked out fine and the system has a new backup battery that seems to work - haven't had any power failures. I can't comment on longevity, because I haven't had the battery for too long.

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