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Jalousie JAL-BP01 Airtight Glass Cold Brew Maker with Stainless Steel Filter ic coffee pitcher, 48 oz, Clear

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Two sets of lids designed for duel purpose: making ice tea, fruit-infused water􀀍 or making cold/hot brew coffee. Allows airtight storage in fridge for a fresh taste. The glass pitcher can stand a wide temperature range from 14 to 230 °F (-10 to 110 °C). Sturdy and convenient grip handle makes it easy to pour. Do not heat in microwave. We recommend washing all components with warm water and soap before initial use and after every use.

Customers Reviews

Absolutely love this product

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on February 5, 2018
Absolutely love this product. It came with two sets of lids. One is stainless steel that goes with the filter for making coffee. Another lid is for making iced tea. Both lids are airtight. To make cold brew coffee and leave it in fridge overnight, i would really want the pitcher to be airtight. This one serves the purpose! Good quality! Also it is good to have a plastic base. I had one made of thin glass but broke easily with average use. This one seems much more sturdy.
Great! Looks pretty in the fridge, too!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sarah Z. on March 23, 2018
This pitcher is adorable. I've used it for both hot and cold coffee so far.As expected, making cold brew coffee will take at least an overnight brew. But it can definitely turn out nice and strong!When making hot coffee, the mesh filter is deceivingly large, so be careful not to add too many grounds or it will be extremely strong in a short period of time!What I like about this model is that hardly any fine grains of coffee make their way through the mesh, so you end up with a clean cup of coffee!Stores nicely in the fridge with the cap on, a little tricky to get off though.
love it!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Angel on January 30, 2018
Best price around. The pitcher is made of glass. I prefer glass over plastic. search online for airtight ones and many are made of plastic. like the fact it is made of glass and airtight. looks attractive too.
One really good option for Coffee Drinkers

4.0 out of 5.0 by Whitby K Ellsworth on September 7, 2018
I coarsely ground seven tablespoons of fresh, whole bean Colombian Coffee in a burr grinder. Introduced one third of the ground coffee at a time into the filter cylinder and slowly poured hot tap water over coffee, making sure the beans were thoroughly saturated with the tap water. Finally, filled the filter cylinder almost to the top with additional tapwater. Leave about one half inch of space at the top to prevent grinds from getting all over the place.Add metal sealing top that comes with the pot and let stand over night on the kitchen counter.In morning, remove top, remove filter basket and pour yourseolf a non-acidy, non-bitter cup of delicious Coffee.My original review mentioned thinness of metal components. They were still thin in the Morning and slightly flimsy. Top had to be gently pried off and the ring holder repositioned. Be slow and delicate and flimsyness should not be a problem. Remember, my cost was under fifteen Dollars.
Totally worth it.

4.0 out of 5.0 by BS AZ on May 15, 2018
This is surely a First World item that most people probably don't need, but man does it make brewing easy. It makes it so easy to make a week's worth of cold brew. The screen is pretty easy to clean as long as your grind isn't too fine. I do have a feeling the screen will become a dented mess after a while and I will most certainly shatter the carafe in an over zealous dishwashing incident, but for under $15 it's worth having as long as I can.
Poor and dangerous design

2.0 out of 5.0 by melissa0525 on June 15, 2018
I saw other reviews about parts cutting them, and that’s accurate. I had to pry off the silver top with a butter knife after trying to get it off with my hands and getting cuts all over my fingers and hands because of the metal pieces on the part that holds the filter in place. I’m going to keep this and just remember that “lesson” about how I will have to open it but I would not recommend this product.
Far better and easier than before

5.0 out of 5.0 by Yvonne Auxier on April 7, 2019
This is perfectly adequate for my needs. If there were 2 people using the carafe, I might become annoyed at having to change it out more frequently. This goes up to 5 days of ice coffee needs. I prefer a finer espresso type grind for richer flavor and add more water as needed. There are no grounds in the liquid, but at the very bottom there may be a little of the "dirty, muddiness," which I don't mind since it sits at the bottom of my cup. I used to go through mesh filter then paper filter, but this does a fine job and I've used it every week for 2 months now.
Would not buy again or recommend

1.0 out of 5.0 by Josh on April 20, 2018
Had high hopes but this thing barely last a week. This let so many grinds fall right into the brew itself. The metal parts just are difficult to use really or fragile at times and just made an awful experience. Calling this a loss and ordering a nicer more expensive version, you get what you pay for