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RTIC Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, 30 oz, Black


Price SAR 114.73 In Stock

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Double wall vacuum insulation - maximum temperature retention & insulates Hands from the cold Keeps ice Longer - holds ice for up to 24 hours Keeps it hot - works great for hot beverages 18/8 stainless steel - strong stainless steel construction Narrow and tall design. Easy grip base. No sweat exterior

Customers Reviews

For those complaining about the lid's cap hitting them in the nose...

5.0 out of 5.0 by John on December 14, 2017
Before you pass up this cup based on complaints that the lid’s cap doesn’t rotate open far enough and hits you in the nose when you drink, please read this:When you open the lid’s cap, it will stop as you rotate it to the 90-degree (straight up) position. But the cap was apparently designed to be opened to about 120 degrees. When the cap hits the 90-degree position and stops, continue to gently rotate it. The cap will “click” and then continue to move, coming to rest at a final open position of about 120 degrees. And thanks to that little “click” you feel at 90 degrees, it will lock in that fully open position so the cap doesn’t fall onto your nose if you drink without using a straw.I can’t speak to any other complaints others may have, but the lid's cap should clear your nose just fine if you open it all the way.
First and Foremost I want to say I LOVE this cup

2.0 out of 5.0 by William M. on January 6, 2018
First and Foremost I want to say I LOVE this cup and own 3 40 oz ones. It's the right size to get me thru a 10 hr Night of working with hot coffee. and this review would be 5 stars if it wasn't for the Lid. The lids are fragile and crack or shatters when dropped, the snap retainer on one broke on the one. I'm trekking it (as in 2 footing it & Public Transportation) around the bay area with it in my jacket pocket or in my hand. so I'm not using it in a car so it sees a lot more wear and tear in everyday use. all 3 have seen their fair share of falls, drops, and tip-overs and they all look great with exception to the lids.So RTIC, why aren't the replacement lids sold here on Amazon? and your own website has them out of stock for awhile!! Please tell me you've redesigned them to be tougher?
Good, but chipping around rim could fall in your drink.

1.0 out of 5.0 by Steven Matthes on August 21, 2018
This was my daily go to tumbler for hot and cold beverages. I do love the RTIC brand. It does great at keeping drinks hot and cold for long periods. My biggest concern with this tumbler, is that despite its good looks, I experienced chipping around the rim of the tumbler after having it only a week. It was never dropped and was always hand washed or just rinsed out. Not sure what the coating was that was chipping off but hopefully none got in my drink. I need contact RTIC and after taking pictures at their request, they said to send it back and after it was received in the warehouse they’d send a replacement. Sounded like that could take weeks so will send it back to Amazon instead, which would be faster. I will try this again, but if the same thing happens I will just stick with the stainless steel.Update: Shipped back tumbler to RTIC and they shipped me another Flame tumbler. After having it less than a week, I experienced the same issue with the chipping/peeling around the rim. Stay away from this particular product. Not sure how the other colors hold up, but this one is definitely inferior.
Wonderful cup!

5.0 out of 5.0 by D. S. Northcote on June 8, 2018
Had it about a month-6 weeks now. Bought mine after another company thought it would be funny to go political. Won't use their products anymore.I just want a good cup! This is it. I like it better than my previous cup, color is excellent, no dings/scratches or dents at all. Lid is a better lid as well than the previous cup of the same size. I got the handle to go with it as well. Handle is about the same for quality, which is excellent on either cup.Price is a HECK of a lot better on this cup than the previous manufacturer. Got this blue one for me, Pink one for my wife. I'm a tea drinker, 30 oz of English breakfast each morning then water the rest of the day. No discolorations yet. Still looks brand new and keeps my drinks very warm or hot depending. I have to add about 1/5-1/4 of the cup full with ice in the morning or I can't drink the tea as it's too hot for hours without the ice. Same with any vacuum cup for me.
I originally tried out my friends Yeti which I fell in love with and he suggested I use Rtic since it's ...

1.0 out of 5.0 by Tammy on August 2, 2018
This product was disappointing...I originally tried out my friends Yeti which I fell in love with and he suggested I use Rtic since it's more budget friendly and is supposed to work just as well. The one I bought from RTIC can hold a 30oz and only kept my drink warm for 2.5 hours. Warm not hot. The yeti kept my drink warm all day until I got off work which is about 8 hours. I want to order a yeti now.
Favorite Gift To Give and Recieve

5.0 out of 5.0 by City girl Shopaholic on January 5, 2018
I cant say enough about these RTIC tumblers. I got some as a gift last Christmas and when I saw them on sale this time I had to grab more. I use them nearly every day. I love that it keeps my water/drinks cold all night long. sometimes wake up in the morning and I still have ice cubes!Our family likes to use them in the summer when we go out on our boat. Put your beer, wine or mixed drink in them to keep them cold while we're cruising the lake on a hot summer day. The lid helps with splashing and spilling while the double insulated layer keeps the beverages cold even on the hottest of days. One warning, don't leave in direct sun for too long, it will eventually heat up the outside because you can put warm beverages in there.I've now purchased these as gifts for friends who've watch our dog and they're great to give friends on a lake or who have pools.While I know Yeti is the prefer designer brand, the RTIC brand I feel holds up just as well and comes at a fraction of the price. Ill forever be purchasing these tumblers for gifts and whenever I need more.
Wonderful tumbler with a ton of room for your daily beverage

5.0 out of 5.0 by Nikki on December 29, 2017
I’ve been carrying a 3 ounce tumbler for the past year and loved it. My only complaint was that it wasn’t large enough. Enter this new 40 ounce tumbler and I’m a happy girl. It’s definitely not quite 40 ounces as 2 16.9 ounce water bottles fill it up completely, but it’s still better than my 30 ounce tumbler. It keeps drinks cold for a long time. My water is still cold the next morning without any ice (just water from the fridge). I don’t think it keeps water as cold as the 30 ounce tumbler, but that may be due to the larger volume. Overall I’m very happy with this tumbler for my cold beverages.

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