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AmazonBasics Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch - Black

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Estimate to be delivered 27 Sep - 30 Sep



Carrying case for Nintendo Switch gaming console and accessories; Black color Game-cartridge slots store up to 10 games for easy organizing and access Mesh pouch built into the case neatly holds small accessories such as cables, ear buds, or SD cards Built-in console stand holds the console in position for comfortable anywhere gaming Backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty

Customers Reviews

False Advertising; Does not hold spare controllers

1.0 out of 5.0 by Digicrat on December 22, 2018
At first glance, this looks like a great product - store 10 cartridges, built-in stand, and even space to store a charging cable or spare controller. If it delivered, this would be a 5-star product. If the photos didn't give the false impression that the mesh compartment were actually useful, this would be a 3-4 star product.The photos are misleading -- clearly I should have looked closer at the reviews, though I assumed something with the Amazon name on it wouldn't be playing shenanigans with misleading images. Sure, a charger or spare set of controllers can fit in the upper pocket when the case is open -- but you can NOT close the case with said accessories in there. All they needed to do was to make the case slightly thicker to support accessories (or remove the mesh pocket to avoid confusion) for this to have been a decent product.The cartridge holder is also slightly annoying to insert games in, though I could live with that if (even without other accessories in the case), the flap didn't keep needing to be pushed back down to close the case. Overall, this is a rather poorly executed 'enhancement' of the basic case design.As much as I like the idea of this product, it's going back.
Great protection, but that’s about it.

3.0 out of 5.0 by Livid J... on December 25, 2017
This case is nicely manufactured and seems like it would protect your switch pretty well. There’s just two things that are super annoying: first, it’s a suuuuper tight fit and takes some work with the inner straps to place/remove your switch, and second, you cannot fit really ANY accessories other than game cartridges. Even a space USB-C cable is almost too much. Honestly this is a great case to protect your switch by itself. Not much else.
Tight Fit, Decent Protection

4.0 out of 5.0 by Vincent on April 4, 2018
The Switch fits very snug into the case (assuming you have the joycons attached)Protection wise, the case has a soft shell similar to what you find for ear bud cases. It's not meant to sustain drops from high altitudes or being toss across the room; rather it's for protection while in your backpack or luggage when things are being shuffled and banged around during transit.Zipper is very sturdy. No snags when zipping and unzipping. zipper handle is very ergonomic.Game holder slot I'm not a fan of. A lot of cases (like Zelda BOW case that came with special edition) adopt this design, but I don't like it as it may attract lint when taking the game cartridge in and out. I tend to only use this option when in a rush, otherwise I use a plastic box case like the HORI Game Card Case 24 for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo . When I do use it, I always blow on the exposed chip, NES cartridge style so no foreign object gets into the consoleThe stand is a nice option. Way better than using the built in kickstand on the switch as that feels very flimsy. The build in stand for the case is also good if you don't trust the surface you put it on depending if it's dirty and/or sticky. I wouldn't follow the stock photos suggestion of how to use the kickstand as it breaks a immersion a bit. The way I put it (see attached photos) seems more plausible. It does break immersion on the sides but it's way better than having to see the whole case flap in front of you. If you want a good stand for your Switch i'd get Cell Phone Stand, Adjustable Tablet Stand, Universal Dual Foldable iPhone Stand Multi Angle phone Holder for Switch, iPad,Samsung, Nexus, iPhone X, Other Tablets (4-12 inch) -SilverAccessory pouch is nice. Very good organization tool for having all your Nintendo Switch accessories (extra joy cons, ear buds, charging cable, etc) in a convenient locationProduct placement: Amazon Basics logo is very pronounced on one side. If you're ashamed of it like the stock photos; you can flip it over I guess, as the backside is blankOverall, don't expect military grade protection from this case. It's a great organization tool and can be used as a kickstand if you find the built in kickstand flimsy or don't have a extra stand of your own
Not as big as it seems. Holds switch only, no accessories.

2.0 out of 5.0 by Michael on April 18, 2018
Fits the switch with one pair of joycons (attached on sides), but cannot fit much else. There is a mesh pocket to hold other stuff, but if you put anything in there the case can't close. Even putting a USB or HDMI cable in the pocket doesn't work, it makes it too fat and puts pressure on the screen. If you're looking to carry your whole system, then get a bigger case. I was hoping to put my joycons or at least the black joycon rail cover thingys, but none of that fits without feeling like I'm crushing the screen.I keep my cartridges in here, which is better than having a bunch of plastic cases to open and close. The elastic pockets are sized right and hold the carts in place just fine. The stand option works well for in the car or on a plane, much better than the switches own built in kickstand. It works as a simple carrier/protection for the system on it's own, just no accessories.
Holds only the switch and no accessories

1.0 out of 5.0 by Jessica on December 30, 2018
We purchased this because the picture showed it holding two extra joy-cons and a cable. Obviously they never tried to close the case. The first thing is there is nothing to hold the switch into the case. Ours can fall out if opened incorrectly. 2nd we had 2 extra joy-cons and 4 safety strap pieces in the case (as pictured) and could not close it withou putting more pressure than I was comfortable on the switch and joy-cons. Really disappointed with this purchase and would not recommend it.

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