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body { font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6em; } .aplus { min-width: inherit; } The ultimate plan-ahead cookbook that delivers on flavor Harried home cooks learned the hard way that the best possible way to maintain their mealtime sanity is to make things ahead. This stress-saving America's Test Kitchen cookbook collects 150 reliable recipes for make-ahead meals including everything from ready-to-serve entrees to braises to slow-cooked specialties to oven-ready casseroles and Sunday main meals. Another great addition to a popular cookbook series. Read more Read less options.iframeId = iframeId; options.iframeWrapperId = "bookDesc_iframe_wrapper"; options.overriddenCSSId = "bookDesc_override_CSS"; options.encodedIframeContent = bookDescEncodedData; options.initialResizeCallback = resizeCallback; BookDescriptionIframe = new DynamicIframe(options); P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.createIframe(); }) (); if ((typeof BookDescriptionIframe != 'undefined') && (BookDescriptionIframe instanceof DynamicIframe)) { P.when('jQuery').execute(function($) { $(window).resize(function() { P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.resizeIframe(resizeCallback); }) (); }); $(window).bind('imageResize', function() { P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.resizeIframe(resizeCallback); }) (); }); }); } });

Customers Reviews

Love the Different Tricks to Keeping Food From Feeling Like Left-Overs When Made Ahead

5.0 out of 5.0 by R. Cohen on June 10, 2017
The book contains some repeat recipes from other American Test Kitchen cookbooks, mostly in the Slow Cooker section.It is not a book devoted to one make ahead strategy, rather it contains eight different techniques. I enjoyed the variety of ways to prep from making ahead by several hours to freezer meals that keep for a month.Prep Ahead contains 27 recipes designed to be prepped the day before and then cooked the day of. Reheat and Eat contains 17 things to can cook, some several day a head, and then reheat the day you need them. Bake and Serve has 17 recipes that can be prepped the day before and then baked off the next day. From Fridge to Table contains 20 mostly cold or room temp dishes that go straight from the fridge to the table, sometimes with a small amount of work.Shop Smart advises how to shop and then turn the ingredients into three different recipes. There are eight menus of three recipes each, two are vegetarian. The Sunday Cook shows you how to make a large amount of food and then use the left overs later. There are recipes for roast chicken, turkey breast, pork, roast beef, pot roast and leg of lamp and then two different options to use the left overs from those large meals.Come Home to Dinner is 22 slow cooker recipes, but many of these appear in their other slow cooker cookbooks. Stock the Freezer has 19 freezer recipes that each make two casseroles, one of which can be baked the day you make the item and the other can be saved.What I like the most about this cookbook are not the recipes themselves (though I have made the meatloaf, several pasta salads, the curried chicken thighs over brown rice and the enchiladas and all are excellent), but the techniques they teach. I never would have thought to put a meat loaf on a cooking rack to bake so the grease would drain off nor would it have occurred to me how to keep enchiladas from getting soggy while sitting over night in the fridge.(I won’t give away their method, but it is ingenious.)I think the weakest sections are the Slow Cooker section, which is a lot of things that even if I haven’t seen them before, they feel super familiar, and the Freezer Section, which contained some manicotti that were a disaster when I attempted them.While I agree this isn’t a freezer cookbook, as some reviewers have pointed out, I never thought it was going to be. I don’t own a big freezer and much prefer to prep one day and cook the next. As someone who works full time, loves to host and has to plan ahead to do so, I’ve really loved this cook book.
Not very helpful

2.0 out of 5.0 by Tammy Sue on January 16, 2016
Not very helpful on time saving. Most of the prep times are very long, as are the finishing times. If I'm looking for a way to prep a meal ahead to cook for dinner when I get home from work, I don't really want to spend an hour prepping and another hour cooking it off when I get home. And most of the recipes can only be prepped no longer than 24 hours ahead. Not very helpful for cooking ahead on the weekend.
Full of repeats, light on freezer meals.

2.0 out of 5.0 by M. Cantor on November 23, 2015
I'm a big fan of Americas Test Kitchen and I have a good number of their cook books. This one was a total waste. The vast majority of the recipes are repeats, and, to make matters worse the book is really limited when it comes to freezer meals. Out of 300+ pages, only 33 are devoted to meals that can be stored longer than a few days. I regret this purchase.
Meh: not a batch cooking book

3.0 out of 5.0 by Baffled on December 31, 2018
I normally love ATK cookbooks and own a half dozen of them. I bought this one hoping for meal prep/batch cooking recipes. Instead it is literally stuff you make a day or two ahead of cooking off/serving. The freezer section is less than 25 pages with only 19 recipes with four of them only sauces. The dinners are a lame selection that include pizza, pasta, burgers and mac & cheese. Very disappointed in this cookbook. I doubt it will get much use.
Test Kitchen, please make a Shop Smart cookbook!!

4.0 out of 5.0 by masby on August 17, 2015
The best section of the book is the Shop Smart chapter. To have both your menu planning and grocery list already made for you? It is fabulous. I would buy the cookbook for this section alone. The slow-cooker chipotle beef tacos are also excellent, and the leftover meat is great as a sub for chicken in chicken spaghetti. I love to cook, and I enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen. This is NOT a quick cookbook - it is a make-ahead cookbook. I'm able to get lots done in the morning so that I have less to do at 5pm when my kids are melting down and needing attention, but I still spend a large amount of total time in meal preparation.

5.0 out of 5.0 by DonnaD on May 1, 2019
Good cookbook with clear instructions and easy meals. They even streamlined the chicken casserole with crumble topping. Looking forward to making it following this recipe. If you need a tasty dish for 6-8 adults, try it...l always get compliments when l make it.UPDATE:I have made several more recipes and have to say this is such a practical cookbook I am ordering extra copies to give as gifts!It not only had good recipes but tips and explanations about food storage, containers, and tools. I wish l had this cookbook years ago!
Fantastic for planning ahead for when baby comes

5.0 out of 5.0 by MarMar on December 2, 2015
I love this cookbook. I have many Americas test kitchen books and this is one of my favorites. I recently had a baby and used the freezer section in the book to make freezer meals when she came. They were wonderful. They made it so I didn't have to worry about cooking and just popping yummy meals into the oven. I would highly recommend this book.
One of my favorite cookbooks!

5.0 out of 5.0 by A&R on November 4, 2018
I pretty much love everything ATK does; I have a subscription to their website. But this cookbook is so great! I know that I can trust the recipes and techniques laid out in this book. This book has saved me time during dinnertime when I'm short on time and can't put a lot of time into dinner. I am particularly impressed by the freezer meals! So easy and tastes great!